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    WebsitesSome of websites I created Ascent Builders Buildings & Interiors Contractors Enspira HR HR Consulting & Search Agency INC5000 Company Lighthouse Addiction Treatment Center

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    Paras RalhanPatiala, Punjab, India Lets talkShare some info to help me reach you to start a new beginning. Name *Email *Message * Send

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    Benefits youll get : Knowledge & Experience Who are the ones who build things we admire? They are those who relentlessly learn and do everything to master their craft; who know every why and how behind all their decisions. To be among such people, I invested about ten years of rigorous effortroughly eight to nine hours dailyto gain in-depth knowledge and experience in everything that matters. Such deep understanding is the seed from which sensible and informed decisions sprout. And hundreds of such decisions are required to create something people love and admire.

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    Design Development On Site SEO Content Writing Website Speed For impressive results, your website needs to counter and beat two powerful forces working against you: 1 Peoples SkepticismPeople have become skeptical because of fake promises they enduredthings not delivered as promised. They felt betrayed, and started doubting everything.2 Boundless CompetitionBoundless competition leads to unlimited options for people to choose from. To deals with enormous choices, they filter, and they

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    Problem with Websites why they don't work? Biggest problem with most websites is that they dont make much sense to their audience. They either struggle or quit. It happens because we tell them what we know, and not what they need to know. With weak focus on them, what we say, how we say, and how we present, may make complete sense to us, but is not making much sense from their point of view and from their understanding level. Number of options people have these

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    How I collect your data I collect and store your data anytime you fill a form on my website. A form can be of any kind: Contact Form, Questions Form," Subscription Form" etc. The information I collect is stored on my serverexcept any credit or debit card details you enter anywhere. The data I collect can be used in many ways: To connect with you for helping you to solve a problem you came for. To send you mails regarding your password reset, your order, payment reminders, newsletters, or any important communication.